Palmetto Battalion hosts a Camp-Out at the Florence Stockade for Recruiting Reenactors

The Palmetto Battalion will host a Camp-Out for recruitment and school for individuals desiring to be part of reenactments as soldiers or civilians. The Camp-Out will take place at the Florence Stockade on Saturday, February 16 and Sunday, February 17. Registration begins Friday, February 15 at 12pm and then again on Saturday and Sunday at 8am.

Note: This is not a full scale reenactment, but recruiting and training for reenactors. The Camps will be open to the public for viewing on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm.

Camping will be for persons actively involved in reenacting and those desiring to become a reenactor. You do not have to be a member of the Palmetto Battalion to camp at the Stockade, but you must agree to abide by the policies and supervision of the staff for discipline and security reasons. Reenactors are welcome to camp overnight or come as a day camper. There will be instructions for the troops in Basic Period Camping and CW Military Basic School for the Soldier with individual and Company Drills.

This type of encampment is Historic in itself, for it was here upon these very grounds that the 8th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry and the Pee Dee Light Artillery first mustered after members of the Local Militia returned from Charleston in May of 1861. After forming and training for a month, the soldiers traveled to Richmond, Virginia where they were formed into the 8th SC Volunteer Infantry Regiment under the Command of General Kershaw. Later they became part of General Longstreet's Corp. and part of General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. They fought with gallantry and distinction in every major Battle of Lee's Army, and surrendered with General Lee at Appomattox, Virginia in April of 1865.

The Palmetto Battalion (a Civil War Reenactor Group and the largest Reenactor Group in the State of SC) has been recognized by the National Park Service as one of the leading Reenactment Units for the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War. In April of 2011 the Palmetto Battalion was chosen for the Leadership role in the First Firing on Fort Sumter. Members of this unit will travel to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in late June of 2013 to participate in the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Saturday, 16 February, 2013
 Starts at 08:00 AM


Florence Stockade
Stockade Rd
Florence, SC

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John A. 'Sandy' Kendall
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